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Prototype for an information aggregator about the Milano Bicocca District. Focus on mobility and geolocation to typical users such as students, city user, workers and residents. Interviews and questionnaires for the research phase of these typical user.


Map prototyping about the district, divided by areas of interest for the type of user. Choice of user type and interests during the search (catering, etc. ..) and possibility to search based on the proximity of the displayed results.


Mockup and wireframing stages, designed to realize a dynamic system for the choice of interest points. The concept was prototyped for desktops, tablets and smartphones, useful devices thanks to the hypothetical use of augmented reality to frame areas of interest with the camera.


Client: Bicocca University Milan

Date: June, 2014

Online: BicoccaPoint su SlideShare

Realized in collaboration with Giacomo Mariani and Roberto Zerbo, with which i worked on the research phase and on the user needs of the "personas" we developed.
The platform subdivided the reference neighborhood areas and allowed to choose points of interest according to the areas and displayed according to their "ranking". BicoccaPoint, besides being useful for the selection of venues in the university district, allowed the identification of the places through augmented reality.

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