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Swedish engineering startup
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Quantus Mechtronics, young startup based in Sweden, called for an investigation on its main competitors in Sweden, in order to create a strong presence on the web. The first need was to communicate precisely the services of this emerging reality, to later strike with a youthful and modern presence.


Realization of a business website, focused on a clean, clear, cutting-edge and modern business communication. To stand out from competitors, the choice for the customer was looking for a modern minimalism act to the understanding of the main services offered and the call to action that lead quickly to the contacting step.


Multi-page website to propose the features of the services offered by the startup, in a minimal and specific way. This structure keeps a professional and modern look compared to the competitors of my client, but still makes a clear communication about so many diversified services.


Client: Quantus Mechatronics

Released: january, 2017

Online: http://www.quantusmechatronics.com/

The project was carried out in close collaboration with my client, who had need to analyze its competitors to make more clear how his company was a reality younger and more dynamic than the other swedish competitors.
Now, thanks to the sketching and wireframing steps in the research phase, my client faces the Swedish market with a modern website that stands out for its cleanliness and simplicity.

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