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The client, a young illustrator, needed to expose her portfolio to the public and to the publishers, possibly on a platform to be managed independently, upgradeable whenever his art come alive.


This project was focused on showing the artist's potentiality, using a website where people could filter her works based on what they need for a specific work (an editorial need, for example). Each work had to be consulted thanks to the important photos and details useful to the final customer.


Development of an easily accessible portfolio-website, that reflected the clien and sober style of this artist. The love for her creations is evident from the emphasis on her work's preview, that invite you to discover and browse her creation as a blog about my client's artistic career.


Client: Ilaria Zanellato

Released: february, 2015

Online: http://www.ilariazanellato.it/

The website was designed side by side with my client. Right now, my client can present herself to publishers with a modern portfolio online, showing her style to new potential clients.
Ilaria Zanellato Illustrator allows you to browse the artist's works, focusing on a specific category of work and contact the young illustrator in total comfort

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