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The client, known for its professionalism and for its caring approach to the customer, required to transpose his experience in the pharmaceutical field on the web. The pharmacy provide not only selling, but also support to the customer in all its facets.


Clean and pure style for a pharmacy that has always communicated professionalism. Integration of a section to independently manage the events and news of which are leaders in Novara, plus the possibility to be always ready for their customers with a form where they can request product information or the possibility to book drugs and being able to pick up at the pharmacy or at home.


Multi-page websiteleading all the customers experiences in Novara. The Galli Pharmacy website allows you to book a drug, withdraw it at the pharmacy or receive it directly at home through an elegant and convenient form. The events section allows the pharmacy to keep their customers updated and increase sales opportunities.


Client: Farmacia Galli

Released: december, 2015

Online: http://www.farmaciagalli.com/

Realized in collaboration with Riccardo Prinetti who implemented modern functions useful for Galli Pharmacy to increase its customer base and oversaw the production of this elegant and clean platform as the image of a pharmacy so important required.
Oggi, Farmacia Galli può vantare di essere la prima farmacia a comparire tra i risultati di una ricerca su Google quale "farmacia Novara", diventando punto di riferimento per le attività novaresi che mirano ad essere trovate in rete dopo una ricerca specifica su un motore di ricerca.

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