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Davide Gneri required a complete redesign of his personal portfolio. The research on its target audience led to the choice of a design that would leave space for images and not words, showing the ability and the successes achieved in recent years.


Portfolio with a modern and attractive design, thanks to the thumbnail management "mosaic-style". From the homepage you can reach the most interesting content for the end user, leading to a multi-page website where you can also read about the latest news and partnership of Davide Gneri.


My client can now keep updated his audience with a portfolio-website where he can manage all his blog posts or his photo gallery. Plus, the website can show easily how to reach Davide and how to contact him in Italy or in UK.


Client: Davide Gneri

Released: december, 2015

Online: http://www.davidegneri.com/

This structure was designed closely with my client, to allow him to communicate better with his photos and videos to his end users. Besides being able to conveniently update its portfolio, the videographer now has a modern design platform                                that reflects his works for his target audience.
The goal of communicating his professionalism exclusively through the exhibition of his works, has been achieved through the design phases that have led to great satisfaction for my client who can now show up to his customers with a modern and easily accessible online portfolio.

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