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Their target needed to reflect in a clean and premium brand like them. Andenna wanted to be near their clients for every kind of request and, in the meantime, to stand out with their typical made in Italy products.


Focused on their special products, the website is designed to give a premium space to their photos without forgetting to let the chance to easily contact them for a premium and special request.


Wordpress website to let Andenna be independent to update their products. This eCommerce has a great usability to not lose any potential client who want to buy a special made in Italy product.


Client: Andenna Gioielli

Released: May, 2016

Online: http://www.andennagioielli.com/

Realized in collaboration with Riccardo Prinetti. Today, the website let the client reach a major business volume, thanks to an easy eCommerce based on Wordpress
This kind of platform is very intuitive and guide the potenzial client to discover the business and to purchase a premium product online.

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